Daniel Chicon-Ramirez,

Assistant Technical Director

About Daniel

Daniel Chicon-Ramirez is an undergraduate, Hispanic actor, comedian, and writer based in New York City. During his career, he has trained under companies such as Wooster Group, actors such as Peter Rini (Orange is the New Black) and Peter Romano (New Amsterdam) and has worked with directors such as Gregory Mosher and Nilaja Sun. He has also written and produced two short films, including the New York Short Film Festival selected Fists of a Nation and JULIO: The Julio Irving Story.

Questions from Students

What is a highlighted moment in CoLab for you?


I think the highlight would have to be the sessions in which I could throw around ideas with my Technical Director, Lauren. Just brainstorming together on what materials we could get to bring our amazing designers’ ideas to life was a lot of fun and taught me so much. At the same time, it taught me how to think from a safety and rationale perspective rather than what I was used to, a strictly creative one.

What made you want to become a TD?


When I decided to join CoLab I was really interested in the behind the scenes aspects of how a show is created. I had already had experience with acting in plays, but I was curious about the roles of the many talented individuals who need to do incredible amounts of work for the actor to even be able to get up on stage. CoLab offered me the opportunity to take a peek behind that curtain and give me a better understanding of the theatre making process.

What are some conflicts that arose while working on Zoom?

The most glaring conflict I found was not being able to be in space much. Of course I had pictures, sketch ups, and I was very familiar with the space from being in a play there just a few months prior, but I think being allowed to be in the space constantly would’ve brought me a few more ideas and provide quicker clarity on some set pieces. For what it was though, Zoom was a very productive alternative to the real thing.

What was it like working with the other members of your team?

It always felt very collaborative and inclusive. I learned so much from my technical director and the other technical directors we would meet with from the other CoLab productions, but I was also very grateful to be involved in the conversations with our designers, who gave me even more insight into the creative process of designing a show.