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About Emily:

Emily Nangle is a NYC-based actor working on costumes for her first time. She has been performing since she was five and most recently appeared in High School Musical as Kelsi. Although born in Iowa, she has lived in New York City since she was a month old. When not acting, Emily writes plays and watches shows on Broadway. Emily is currently a Theatre and English double major at Hunter College, graduating in 2022. She has loved working on a team to bring Eurydice to life and enjoyed the opportunity to work in a new field!

  • Are you using 1950s attire exclusively, as suggested by the first scene, or will you play around with ideas for clothing? (Joshua Martinez) 

Luis Feliciano, our director, loved the idea of covering the play with a 1950s “screen”, so many of the characters are outfitted in 1950s attire! When brainstorming, Luis and I fooled around with the idea of Eurydice appearing in styles popularized in the later 50s, while the other characters wore earlier styles. This would symbolize Eurydice being held back by everyone else, especially Orpheus. With this in mind, I did stick to some popular 1950s styles: Eurydice and Orpheus’s bathing suits, Orpheus’ underworld look, the Nasty Interesting Man’s outfit and Eurydice’s wedding dress. Eurydice’s elopement suit was inspired by the 1930s. as written by in the script. After these looks, however, I began to play around with different eras and styles. Eurydice’s father wears a 1940s wedding suit and watch because he likely died during the late 1940s. The underworld has a timelessness quality and the characters that are contained there, the stones and Lord of the Underworld, are no different. The stones wear a costume inspired by Victorian Era clowns while the Lord of the underworld is not defined by one time period. He wears a modern peacoat and sweater, 1890s schoolboy trousers and knee highs, and combat boots popularized in the 1980s. 


  •  How will you differentiate Eurydice from the rest of the underworld? (Kiara Luna) 

Every character in the show has a color palette ranging from lightest to darkest. Eurydice is the lightest character in the show (yellows), while the Lord of the Underworld is the darkest (navy).  Although Eurydice wears yellow in the overworld, she arrives to the underworld in a light navy elopement suit. This is a color more suited to the underworld and unlike Eurydice because I imagine the Lord of the underworld has some control over how the dead arrive at the gates. He has stripped Eurydice of her color and free-spiritedness as she also wears heels on her arrival, a first for her character. In the beginning, she is not differentiated from the rest of the underworld in the way she looks. Slowly, however, she removes pieces of her costume to become Eurydice again. She takes off her shoes when the string room is built and leaves them off for the remainder of the play. When she receives Orpheus’ letter, she removes her jacket and reveals a yellow 1930s vest. It is through hiding these colors and details that in their reveal we are able to easily recognize Eurydice as different from the rest of the Underworld.


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Color Palettes

Hi everyone! I’m Emily Nangle, the costume designer behind this production of Eurydice. I’ve had the great joy of working alongside my fellow designers to create a beautiful theoretical production and am proud of the work the actors have done for this Zoom in reading. When watching tonight, consider these costume concepts that would have been realized in a full production: Eurydice’s color palette is full of yellows, a symbol of curiosity, and she goes through most of the production barefoot. Another unusual costume choice for this production, is the decision to have the characters of the Stones dressed like Victorian clowns. The most important character, costume wise, is Eurydice whose costumes emphasize buoyancy and lightness.

A Statement from Emily


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