Luis Feliciano, Director

About Luis

Luis Feliciano is a mathematician by day and an artist by night. He is currently finishing his BA/ MA in Applied Mathematics & Statistics while studying Theatre as a minor, and training with Movement Theater Studio outside of Hunter College. He is extremely grateful to Hunter’s Theatre Department for creating the safe space to allow him and all the amazing women on the Loewe Colab Design Team to create and delve deeper into our crafts. Past credits include: Misfit, America (Lucky), What Do You Believe About The Future? (Co-Director/TWO), The Last Days of Judas Iscariot (Bailiff/Simon the Zealot/Soldier 2), and Cock (John).

Director's Note

When I finished reading Eurydice, I felt as though I were a child again, having just read an epic, fantasy picture book. From that very moment, I wanted to recreate the feelings that Sarah Ruhl passed onto me through the text onto others through the live telling of this story. Through meeting after meeting, I found myself daydreaming A LOT about the possibilities of how to tell a story through Zoom. With Eurydice, I’ve landed somewhere in between a film and a play. There is the liveness of theatre that is still there for us to share --the magic that every night is different--along with some filmic moments that capture the essence of some of the more intimate moments of the play. I found that Eurydice is curious of the world around her, but the men in her life only want her for the things they want, rather than seeing her for all that she is. This made me critically reflect on how I, as a man, have treated women throughout my life. I have the privilege of having a mother who has dedicated her life to raising me, as well as the blessing to have been in love and share love with incredible women that have undoubtedly influenced who I am today. I dedicate this project to my mother, Eileen, my partner, Kristen, and last but certainly not least, my Father, Luis.

-Luis Feliciano