Meet the Team

These are the students who created the show. This process has been a collaboration of actors, designers, directors, stage managers, theatre artists of all kinds! On this page, click their profile pictures to see detailed profiles on each student, their bios and headshots, their research, sketches, testimonies, customized for each role!

The Cast

Zoe Mintz


John-Peter Cruz


Joshua Martinez


Carlos Garcia

Nasty Interesting Man/

Lord of the Underworld

Hunter McIlvain

Little Stone

Sarah Nowik

Big Stone

Labiba Choudhury

Loud Stone

The Crew

Luis Feliciano


Lauren Smith

Technical Director

Monika Orzelowski

Stage Manager

Daniel Chicon-Ramirez

Assistant Technical Director

Darcy Burke

Production Manager

Makayla Doyle

Assistant Stage Manager

Kristen Hoffman

Lighting Designer

Emily Nangle

Costume Designer

Isabella Morales

Set Designer

Claudia Zajic

Sound Designer