Isabella Morales,

Set Designer

About Isabella

Hello! Working as the scenic designer for the Loewe has been a really great experience; learning to collaborate and implement different programs to draft and bring designs to life! I love acting and will continue to hone my craft after I graduate, but seeing the theatrical process from a different perspective has been so helpful to witness how theater can bring people together. I also love to paint, sing, act, and play drums!

●  Are you considering a more open, bare stage or a more materialistic, cluttered stage?
(Padraig Bond)

We wanted light to really speak through the play and with that we decided to make the overworld and underworld feel and look different. For the overworld we wanted to include more set pieces to contrast the vast emptiness in the underworld, aside from the elevator and the string room. Another way we achieved this was by placing the overworld on a platform and the river Styx on a rake angled toward the audience. The use of open space was very important to ensure that the viewer’s experience could feel part of the play.  

●  In the box theatre environment, how did you approach going from one set design to another (e.g., the wedding to the underworld) with minimum audience distraction? (Tiffany Lopez) 

We played around with lots of ideas for the orientation for the stage and using the black box to our advantage. First we considered having the worlds separated by platforms that varied in height and size, where the actors would travel between platforms to enter the different spaces. Finally we settled on the proscenium stage and a main platform to divide the overworld and underworld, with a smaller raised platform on the overworld for the Nasty Interesting Man’s apartment. Because we had the main stage to divide the worlds, the actors could enter and exit from behind the pillars and masking to create a seamless visual for transitions. The choice to make the stage small in relation to the underworld space limits the directions that the actors can travel. Placing the elevator beside the exit for the apartment minimizes the distraction of journeying through the space and contributes a feeling of connection between the worlds.

Design concept 3
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Design concept 2- side
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Design concept 2
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