The Cast


Zoe Mintz

Zoe Mintz is thrilled to play Eurydice and be a part of the Loewe CoLab cast. She is a writer currently studying theatre and film at Hunter College. Many thanks to Luis and Monika for steering the ship so deftly in these strange pandemic times. Immense thanks to Professor Benjamin Moore for his coaching, and to Claudia, Makayla, Kristen, Joshua, John Peter, and the entire team for making her first play such a rewarding experience.



Joshua Martinez

Joshua is man with little to no aspirations, hopefully “Eurydice” can help his career. A career with strings, like knitting, would be most ideal. Thanks for reading about Joshua.

You're welcome.



John-Peter Cruz

John-Peter Cruz is a Queens native who has trained throughout various studios in New York. He is honored to be a part of this production! His off-off Broadway theater credits include Alpha NYC's Spring's Awakening and New Light Theater Project's Meaningful Conversation. When he is not acting, he is teaching people how to ride motorcycles. He has a B.S. in Accounting and is happy not to be working in that field. Save the Hunter Theater M.A. Program!



Carlos Garcia

Carlos D.Garcia (actor/director) has had a lot of fun playing (Child/Nasty Interesting Man) in the Loewe Team production of Eurydice. He is a first year MA Theatre student at Hunter College. Recent credits include: (DE)Coded as Skylar by Starchild New Works, Occupation as Florian by Jobsite Theater and he was the resident guest artist/director for the Cayman National Cultural Foundations production of Ti-Jean and His Brothers.  He’d like to thank his family, friends, and boyfriend Pierre for all their support. If you say his name three times he might appear to spook you, give it a try!


Hunter McIlvain

Hunter McIlvain is incredibly honored to have the experience of acting for the CoLab production of Eurydice in his first semester at Hunter College. He is fresh out of high school and from Pennsylvania, where he was involved with theater as a set-builder and actor. In his last two years of high school he played minor roles in The Miracle Worker and The Man Who Came to Dinner. He would like to thank his high school theatre teacher and his parents for always believing in him. He is excited to embark on an artistic-filled journey during his stay at Hunter College. He would also like to extend his gratitude to his fellow cast and the CoLab Loewe production team and director for making him feel welcome during his first few months of college.

Hunter McIlvain (Little Stone).jpg


Sarah Nowik

Sarah Nowik is a first-year theatre/media studies major at Hunter College under the Muse Scholar Program. Favorite credits include Audrey (Little Shop of Horrors), Mary Flynn (Merrily We Roll Along), and Featured Dancer (The Addams Family).

Sarah Nowik Headshot (Big Stone).jpg


Labiba Choudhury

Labiba is a senior studying English and Education at Hunter College. This is her fourth production at Hunter College, with her last credits being in the play Casa de Bernarda Alba as Angustias, in Lear as Regan and in Dance Nation, playing the role of Connie. She’d like to thank Annika for being her first director and guiding her through her first theater experience.

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